Hate Blog Creator, YOU decide

Hello Dahlings, I just wanted to make a post letting you know that there may be a solution to the NU_Hater Blog-Creator Question.

A lot of people are believing HPuterpop that Nameless Undefined is NU_Hater, and is doing it for “Attention and Advertisements”. Some believe Nameless saying it’s her sister. I’m neutral. See, I believe Nameless’ sister made it, because she in-fact didn’t know about it for 2 days from the first post, until a friend told her about it online.

HP began posting my IP all over YouTube and PHC… I wanted him to remove it so I didn’t get hacked. I emailed Juyo saying he was taking it too far, and that I could get hacked due to his actions, then he removed it. *shrug* I dunno really. People who said they were my friends stopped being them because they believed HP… But, some who believe me, think that HP has taken it too far as well.

(Thanks for the quote Nameless dahling) Then, I began going through comments, just trying to mod some, get some spam out of the way, and something caught my eyeliner.

Do you know PHB Author SamWow5 / Tough Icicle? Know his not-famous-at-all-hidden-in-the-light-brother Grumpy Snowball? Now, Hputerpop’s reason for saying Nameless is lying about being NU_Hater is her IP being the same as her sister’s, but, has anyone ever denied that TI and GS were the same person?

I EDITED OUT THE IP PHOTO ~ SamWow5 had better comment their IP’s are the same, picture or not because I can re-add it dahlings!

I asked Nameless about the IP stuff, and here’s what she said:

My IP is the same as my sister’s, because I use a Wifi Network. It changes occasionally, depending on my phone being on 3G or Wifi, or if there is an IP Conflict, it resets. HP is taking it too far. The blog isn’t about him, it’s about me. I can handle it myself, he doesn’t have to be so accusing. It’s not like I said he made it *Shrug* If he doesn’t like the blog, no one is making him view it. It’s not his place to keep telling people about it, when he doesn’t want it to be such a big deal, and since he does that? It’s seeming kinda stupid.

So now you get to decide. Vote in the poll below:

~~PoptropicaGossip ~ Give me Eyeliner, or give me Gossip! ~

I’m not saying Sam is his brother, I’m saying, why can people say Nameless is just pretending to have a sister (Which has shown up on the phc before, though is being accused of just miraculously coming up with one when this incident occurred) because they have the same IP, but not Sam and GC? Pixel said he “Heard GS in the background once” well he was in an Audio Chat of Tinychat with Nameless and her sister and heard them both at the same time once, so how is it any different? 

and this was Namey’s reply


HP Demote Jottit

Well, Nameless Dahling I know you have been trying to keep my cover, but it’s okay, I may as well tell the truth. I didn’t make this blog to lie, after all.

Some people, Pixel, Hputerpop, SamWow5, Slanted Fish (Just what I’ve seen), have said that Nameless made the Hputerpop demote page on Jottit. She didn’t. I did.

See, Nameless and I are constantly emailing (Except for the past few days 😦 Email me), and she’s always saying, and showing me, how Hp has been abusing his power. So I made the Jottit. And I swear on my blog, everything on that page is true. It’s password protected to Edit, and not even Nameless has the password. So here is what I put on it, if you have yet to see it, and as I said, everything on there is true.

HPuterpop should be demoted on the Poptropica Help Chat. Moderators are supposed to be kind, whether the person they are “Dealing with” is or isn’t.

Chatter Nameless UnDEFiNed (Abbreviated ‘NU’), was banned for a month, with reasons like telling Chat Staff to “Go to Hell” but, HPuterpop has said the same thing to MULTIPLE CHAT MEMBERS.

Something wrong with this picture? I’m just pointing it out because this guy has a really big problem with NU, and takes it out on her on the chat, ABUSING his power, KICKING AND BANNING FOR NO REASON. And I know that the Chat Main Owner, Fishy, just tosses these complaints aside, seeing as how they come from NU and Blake. Or at least, all the time.

If the PHC (Poptropica Help Chat) people, who seem interested in making sure NU gets banned (for things that she didn’t even do ON the PHC), can make a page like this pointing out all of her faults, surely, I can too.

If you are wondering, yes, HP has repeatedly had issues with NU. How many complaints about her come from HP (HPuterpop), Pixel (chat owner), and Tough Icicle (TI, Owner) alone? You’d be surprised… Seeing as how these complaints are used against NU on multiple occasions, and also, out of context nonetheless, I myself, could cause more trouble for HPuterpop if I posted things out of contest as well. But I’ll be fair.

HPuterpop has shown abuse of his powers time and time again. Even other Chat Staff have witnessed this ongoing action. HPuterpop has repeatedly kicked Chatting Members whilst they broke no rules. Such as kicking a Member for saying the word “Freaking,” and calling it “Suggestive Profanity”. While it was not suggestive profanity, unless used out of context for the kick, which it was. I believe the way the word “Freaking” was used was in a sentence such as “I’m freaking out!” not “Freaking idiot”. Was there a real reason for a kick there?

Or kicking someone for their name, being playful. Time and time again. HPuterpop has abused his Rank on the Chat Group for banning as well. He banned someone based on his thoughts of them, thinking they were lying about being someone else. Banning for personal feelings is against the rules and “May result in being demoted”.

It seems like the chat Owners are playing favorites, demoting someone for banning with a real reason for the ban they enforced, but letting someone ban with NO real reason, over and over with no demotion.

Whether HPuterpop is a Poptropica Help Blog (PHB) author or not, he shouldn’t be allowed to carry on with behavior like this with no punishment. That is the reason for this page whether the PHC Authority finds it rude, immature, or plain old stupid.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you understand, unlike some people.

And thank you Nameless Dahling, now some people can understand my writing. I hate it though. -_- Email me. Now.

~~PoptropicaGossip ~ Gretch, get over it, “fetch” will never be fetch ~

The Hacker

There’s been a rumor going around about a hacker. Someone has stolen a lot of accounts, and they were all rare. But, someone told us who hacked ONE account, and it was not rare at all (No offense Nameless Dahling).

Listen to this. Anyone who knows Nameless, knows about her account, ross1dog, which was made by her… Late friend, Ross, who passed in 2008. This is the last account she has, that he made, so it is special to her, hence why she tells everyone about her passed best friend…

This account was stolen. Nameless retrieved it a few days later, and the morning she retrieved it, it was stolen AGAIN. Before you start going on about her password was too easy, it wasn’t… Who would guess


? Not me. Well, it was later discovered, during a Private Chat on the PHC, that HPuterpop had logged into the account that morning, and changed the password, during a video call with Pixelzy. And Pixel even said so. But, he would probably deny that too, seeing that in our Offline-Over-The-Phone conversations, Nameless told me Pixel denies a lot of things he’s said. I won’t go into details…

Who could this hacker be? Could HPuterpop be one of them? Don’t know, don’t care. You guys should also see the Jottit page I made! Go HERE. It’s about HPuterpop’s behavior on the PHC.

And one more thing, I always need a good photo in my posts

Hate Blog Discovered

So, everyone here thought we were a PHB Hate Blog, but we aren’t. We simply want people to know about the things that happen on the blogs, and PHB just so happens to be filled what MARVELOUS Drama!

But there’s new news, and it’s about Nameless UnDEFiNed. If you remember, she used to work here, but she thought I was saying too many mean things and I fired her. On the bright side, we’re friends again, and keeping the blog separate.

Someone made a HATE BLOG. And it has WAY more hate than we do

He’s so fat…

So, look at the HATE BLOG HERE, and let me know if you join or not. The blog is actually very thought out… I mean, it’s horrible …

In other news ABOUT the hate blog, when NU found out, and told Frenemy Tough Icicle (A PHB Author, with 2 sides, and both are dark) about it, and playfully asked if he was going to join. And he answered “Um… Maybe…”. Wow, great friend. Nameless Dahling, move on.

But who is behind this blog? They go by NU_Hater, and have made contact themselves.

But think… Who hates NU enough to start this? And are they the same person who has stolen so many of her accounts too? You can be a private source, or a public one of course 😛 Just use the form below to email any information, no email needed.

~ Poptropica Gossip ~ The Head Of Poptropica Blogging News ~

PHC Poll

Remember that poll? From a while back, in the PHC interview 2… Well, the Authority Ranks have been updated since, and  now Pixel is an Owner, Luke doesn’t work there anymore as a Mod, nor an Owner, also, HPuterpop is a moderator… If I didn’t have him in the poll. Anyways, there will be a new poll soon, but we here are PMZ are a little busy, so I’ll ask someone to make it soon 😉


Hey, I know that you guys don’t like us doing ACTUAL stories, and you prefer the Interviews, which we’ll get back to soon… Anyways, this is a review I had to post. It was written by Nameless UnDEFiNed, and I’m glad I read this… Please check out her blogging HERE, I think it deserves better than that other blog… But that’s just my opinion. 

Hey guys I view a lot of Poptropica blogs, and I wanted to warn you to stay away from a certain one.

The PopFlop.

I was the first Author there, and then I was removed for actions not of my own. Then, I rejoined at a later point, and I was accused of something, that I didn’t do, and no one would even listen. I moved on from that, but then, I got really busy, and I couldn’t stay on a lot of the blogs I was on then… So I left.

About a month ago or so, I rejoined, because I finally had the time. Then… Well, I was on their chat, and one of the newer Authors that was getting a lot from the Owners (Even though, I wasn’t getting squat as the first Author, or the most frequent poster, and commenter,)… So I was PCing him, and we were talking about a friend of mine… Um… I don’t want to say everything and cry for the rest of the day… But he was my best friend, and he died……..

Then that new Author, was making fun of it……..  Making rude jokes, and having the nerve to ask for a stupid glitch while I’m talking about him (My best friend<)… So I told the owner that was on at the time… And he wouldn’t do anything, because he believed the new guy, more than me… 

Someone said something, I said something back… And the owner… Said (With grammar edits), “She’s not going to kill herself. Let her, it’s on her hands, I don’t care,”… And he said he was my “friend”. 

I’m just warning you… Don’t go to their chat, and don’t comment… That owner has an Issue with editing comments, and cussing people out… Also, I’m only posting this so people can see that this is what I really commented, because he’ll probably try to edit it. 


BTW: HCM, one of the two owners, removed me last night. Guess he didn’t want me posting my goodbyes and telling everyone the truth… Like the first time. (He’s done this before…) Also, Tech, just email me if you see this. 

Wow… So, just so you know, I quoted this from Nameless herself, I swear. You can read the original HERE if you don’t believe me. Also…

I know you guys don’t like me posting things about the other blogs, starting drama… But this is serious. It’s Cyberbullying… And that’s horrible. If you don’t agree with it, then don’t… But I’m still posting this. Nameless is my friend, and what this guy has done to her, not only this time, is just awful… Ask Nameless…

I haven’t been posting anything dramatic lately (Which is killing me btw -_-), and I’m not trying to… But like I said, this needs to be read.

Sorry for not posting lately, I’ll have RB work on some more reviews 😉 Also, thanks for all the views! Please comment and tell us what you would like to see more of.

~~Poptropica Gossip, on PMZ. 

UPDATE: The new Author? He’s commenting! Not here, somewhere else. Anyways, here are the pics, since Nameless decided to post them in case they’re edited, I figured I’d help.

UPDATE: They’ve spammed “Nameless” so none of her comments will moderate! 

PHC Interview Part 2

This time, Red Bee will be interviewing “Green Fire”. An often Chatter with a new name 😉

PS: Nameless is helping me as a Proofreader, and is only staying for Interviews. If you see her an Author, please ignore, there is a glitch in the system since she was a Former Editor.

Red: So, Green, how long have you been coming on to this chat?
Green: I don’t remember…
Red: About how long would you say though? Months, a year, a week?
Green: Hm… I don’t really know, so I’ll say a year or so.
Red: Okay then, do you come on to this chat often?
Green: Eh, sorta.
Red: Do you see a lot of drama?
Green: No, not a lot.
Red: Well, some other chatters have said there’s been a bit… While you were ON.
Green: Really? Odd.
Red: Odd? Really…
Green: Hm…
Red: So, what can you tell me about this “Revolution” otherwise known as a chatting “Civil War”? I was told it occurred when SamWow5 “Banned” someone after ONE kick?
Green: I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.
Red: Really? You were there… Someone accidentally flooded, and SamWow5 kicked them. Then when the Kicked Chatter asked why they were kicked, SW5 banned them for “Questioning”. Ring a bell?
Green: Nope. Well, I don’t really remember, but it seems distantly familiar.
Red: Well then, moving on. Do you see much inappropriate content going around on this chat?
Green: Some people cuss from time to time, but most of the time they just do it to be annoying. Other than that, nothing.
Red: Well, my internet keeps going out, so we’ll possibly continue this later. Thank you for your time Green Fire.

Now, there is going to be a poll for you guys to decide who should be specially interviewed next, please vote!

PHC Interview Part1

This is a large series of Posts, where we interview the Chatters of the Poptropica Help Chat. Our next interview is with “Cait”. This Interview was done by assistant, Red Bee. Grammar was edited to make reading easier for you viewers 😉

Red: So, do you come to the chat often?
Cait: Well I try to come on at least once a day.
Red: So, you see a lot of drama on the chat?
Cait: Well, it depends on who’s on. It doesn’t really happen anymore, but for a couple of days there was a lot of fighting.
Red: What kind of fighting?
Cait: They were arguing about whether something happened or not, and why, but I don’t want to go into detail.
Red: Why don’t you?
Cait: A lot of people will get angry, and I don’t want to be on bad terms with anyone.
Red: Which type of Chatters would get angry with you? The Owners and Mods, or the Members and Guests?
Cait: Probably Mods / Owners.
Red: Why would they and not the Members / Guests?
Cait: There are a few reasons. The Owners / Mods made a rule not to talk about it. But I’d probably have mentioned about PG getting cheated, and I can name a few Members / Guests that would agree with me.
Red: So the drama you don’t want to talk about is PG getting unfairly banned?
Cait: That’s what I personally think. I don’t really want to mention anything about what happened.
Red: Okay, you don’t have to. PG and I are trying to get the blog on more “Reasonable” Standards… So, how long have you been coming to the chat?
Cait: About a week or 2.
Red: Wow, most people here have been coming on for months.
Cait: I mean, I got caught up with other sites.
Red: On to the next question… A lot of people on the chat have called PG (Person not site) annoying, and have numerously asked Mods to demote her and kick her (Without reason). Do you feel the same? Or do you know about this?
Red: Hello?
Cait: Hi, sorry. Well I think she shouldn’t have been doing what she did, but we did break the vow first.
Red: The vow… The one where PG agreed to stop posting about the PHB?
Cait: Yeah
Red: So you’re saying that, as someone who was there during the matter, that the Members of the PHC / PHB broke their vow first?
Cait: I don’t really remember what happened, but let’s just say this: If PG didn’t stop posting about The “Scandal” we would ban her, right? And we were talking about it too, we agreed to stop talking about it, both of us. But we banned her after some time.
Red: But she was banned BEFORE posting ANYTHING more about the PHB and supposed “Scandal”?
Cait: Yup. So, I guess after we banned her she started posting about it again…
Red: Thank you for your time Cait, this has been an interesting interview…
Cait: Nah, thank you!
Red: You’ve been a big help. We don’t want to start trouble on PMZ, we just want people to know the truth and stop hating 😉

I think that’s it. Please comment, nothing inappropriate, because now you don’t need a WordPress account, or even an EMAIL!

Interview with HPUTERPOP

Hey guys, I just did an interview with HP! Here it is.

Me: Do you enjoy working on fishstick’s blog?

HP: yes! it’s fun, and I get a lot of responses from viewers

Me: I see…anything you DON’T particularly like?

HP: not really. most of the viewers are nice, and the community

Me: What do you mean by MOST. 😛

HP: there are some haters 😛 but for the most part, everyone is nice 🙂

Me: Good, good. 🙂 Now, how are your fellow authors?

HP: some of them are inactive, but fishy has done a good job of weeding the inactive ones, and all of my fellow authors are great. i hope none think of me as a blog hog though Xd XD

Me: Lmao! Do you NOT like any of them, and if so, whom?

HP: i like all of them. they were all chosen for a reason. my favorite is Blake, he’s the “class clown” of the group. :p my closest is Samwow5. he is my buddy! 😀

Me: How sweet. 😛 Blake is sweet, but Samwow5 is a bit of a dog..(;)) I’d be happy to fix him up…or put him in the recycling bin.

HP: why? he’s fine! XD…

Me: He is okay…

HP: samwow5 has gained his self respect 😉 he is the guide writer of the pop world.

Me: Hm. “respect”, eh?

HP: Respect from others.

Me: In a response to a comment from a viewer, he was like “Sure, whatever.”.

HP: He’s still a kid, you know 😛

Me: How old is this man?

HP: 14

Me: Lol, he doesn’t approve of my latest post. 😛

HP: Well no, it makes him look bad. >.<


HP: No he isn’t…. let’s move on to a different subject.

Me: Okay. 😛 What do you think of the Slanting Tuna-fish herself?

HP:  he is the founder of the whole thing.  she is the reason all popropica blogs are what they are today.. in other words: shes totes fetch 😛

Me: We all know that…any thoughts on how he runs his ship?

HP: Well, she is very intelligent,  she only hires THE BEST of THE BEST for her blog.

Me: Moving on…What do you think of the individuals on the chat?

HP: Some are nice, other’s are TOO YOUNG for this chat…but they are all Poptropican people 😛


HP: No, not really…not naming names :p   OMG ALLITERATION THIS DESERVES AN *APPLAUSE*

Make it real loud, Samwow5!

Make it real loud, HP!

Me:  But for my blog..? Maybe one?

HP: Well…Smart Knuckle, but you can’t say anything about her.

****Rest of that conversation TERMINATED****


And that’s that!


An upcoming post is comign soon…keep your eyes pealed!