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Hello dahlings, so I’ve heard things about a chatting place on the internet lately. But I don’t want to name names and get people in trouble, so if you want to fill me in on this, then go ahead and use the Anonymous Form below. I’ll erase all names from everyone’s quotes. So no one can get in trouble.

Ciao dahlings! Also, happy anniversary to Nameless!


PopCon selfie, Creators’ Blog widened, & more!

Love this. ❤

Poptropica Help Blog

Are you excited for PoptropiCon? PHB commenters Fast Flame and Advika have speculated that it may be a cross between Fashion Crisis Island (a runner-up in the CYDI contest) and Mocktropica. There’s a new sneak peek on the Creators’ Blog – and I’d show it to you, but first, let me take a selfie.

Just kidding, that was the sneak peek! #poptropiconyeah #nofilter #thecamerajustwentoffiswearimnotamodel #doilookcute #yerawizardharry #wegotqueequegscoffeeafterwards #selfiesunday #orwhateverdayitis #dontjudge

Okay, yeah, moving on… have you noticed that the Creators’ Blog made a few subtle changes in design? HP did touch on some changes they made earlier, but now there’s more. It’s now a little wider, and if you don’t have AdBlock, you may notice an ad in the sidebar. Here’s a before and after pic:

before and after PCBBy the way, the Creators’ Blog isn’t the only place that shows sneak peeks – the Daily Pop has tons more…

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Why HPuterpop Should Be Demoted

Hello Dahlings, just thought I would make a post while I’m listening to some AMAZING Gaga Hits 😀 So, I thought I would post about HPuterpop, and why he should be demoted on the Poptropica Help Chat.

Now, some of you may have already seen my jottit page regarding this… Problem. But, I thought to put why Fishstick should AGREE to his, suggested, demotion.

Click to see the whole thing Dahlings.

Hon’s this is a photo, with some little points made by Moi, of Fishstick’s OWN rule on the Poptropica Help Chat, which seems to be talking to the Authority, for the most part. But let’s see, I put marks for everything in this, that HPuterpop has done wrong. He has gone unpunished. Oh, and did I mention… NU was banned (I’m just saying a part of it was) for saying Go To Hell (even off of her chat) and “Cussing at PHC Staff”. HPuterpop has informed, whether she was on her own chat, or even GOOGLE, or not, she cussed at one, which is enough reason to be banned on the PHC?

HP cussed at a PHC Staff member on Google, and to various Chat Members on the PHC. But? Nothing. Why’s that? According to him, he can make the rules, so posting a PC (Even though it is stated by other mods, and an owner, that it is not doing any harm, or rulebreaking, OR kickworthy!), is now breaking one? Watch out.

After HPuterpop “Made this a rule”, he left, and then Blake posted a picture of his and Nameless’ PC. It was about Hot Dogs. No one bothered them.

That night, HP made a pretty big fuss. Here are some photos:

Send Fishy 1 Send Fishy 2 Send Fishy 3 Send Fishy 4 Send Fishy 5upload 1 Upload 2 Upload 3 Upload 4 Upload 5Upload 15Upload 18UPload 17

HPuterpop, I have to disagree with Gretchen here. Not fetch.


~~Poptropica Gossip ~ Comment If You Think He Has Been Unfair ~

Nameless UnDEFiNed Health Issues?

Hello Dahlings. A tad bit of sad news today, regarding my close friend Nameless. She has been having health “Issues” lately, and I believe they’ve gotten worse. She’s told me about her Cancer, but I heard from someone else of something that happened to her last night.

Nameless dahling, please let me know if you’re alright, and please feel better soon 😉

~~ Poptropica Gossip ~ I Don’t Have Anything For My Signature ~~

UPDATE: Blake, if you read this Nameless would probably like to talk to you.

Apologies and Reasons

Dahlings and not-dahlings, I would never make a post like this, but, since Nameless asked, and SamWow5 / Tough Icicle apologized to her, I will.

I honest to Gossip am sorry that I brought your brother and you into this. I wasn’t doing it just because of you 2. I was doing it because of HPuterpop, Pixel, Juyo, and the others that continue to insist that my friend is NU_Hater. You were an example I could find.

Sam and his brother,with the same IP = Wow, Sam has a blogging brother

Nameless and her sister,with the same IP = Nameless is NU_Hater she just made up her sister that people have heard of, and have heard in Tinychat’s and YouTube Livestreams.

Hopefully you can see my point by now dahling, I’m getting very bored apologizing. 🙄

The point, which I’m sure Nameless tried to explain before without getting interrupted ( ), of my post was you and your brother have the same IP’s but Hputerpop never made a YouTube video showing your IP address because he believes you have a brother. Nameless has talked about her 4 siblings repeatedly, and Hputerpop has even seen what the one sibling, NU_Hater, looks like.

So why has he said she just came up with one “Just when you need one”? Why did he feel the need to take a YouTube video of her own IP address and put it PUBLICLY on YouTube and the PHC? Because he didn’t believe her.

Pixel said her sister must have made the blog, because she bullied her. So she made a post to her not-popular blog, Rejection Squad. Pixel has said he tries to be nice “Unlike HP or Sam”, but does he really? Because he was right along with Hputerpop in this “Nameless is her sister” thing.

The point of my post, that may have caused some trouble with SamWow5 and Grumpy Snowball, was the IP’s. Slanted Fish (Poptropica Help Blog creator) gave the reason of “Proof” that it wasn’t her sister and that Nameless made NU_Haters, was because of the IP. Is she saying that Sam made his brothers blog, and his WordPress and just made it up? No, of course not. We know Sam’s brother is real, and they have the same IP address because they are on the same IP Network. Same as Nameless and her sister, but there is reason to doubt her, where? IDK, I think Hpooterpop could answer that for us in the comments? I think it would be more than enough seeing as how he’s gone too far in a lot of eyes.

Here’s a quote from Nameless, so Hputerpop can deny it all in the comments how she’s lying and making it up. The usual statement from him.

HP has said he hated me before… He has said it, and he’s said the reason why: “Kicking” him from my blog. PG: Did you kick him? NU: No… I had demoted him, which I did tell him would be for about 2 weeks or so for the rulebreaking. He threw a fit, and said things that needn’t be said. So after a while of it, I fired him. PG: What kind of rules did he break to deserve this? NU: Well he became an Editor after doing a special art project for me. One of the rules that has always been made clear to my Editors: don’t edit without permission. HPuterpop broke that repeatedly, after being warned to stop… Not only that rule, but that was a main issue. He got quite… Hostile? From the demotion, demanding he should be “Let off” because he posted more and was the “best author”. I didn’t even let my Co-Owners do that kinda stuff unless it was just grammar (Which I did state in the rules and to the editors, grammar was okay, but changing the work, which he did, was not). He let his Computer Skills go to his head… And that’s what made him like this. PG: Can you tell me one more thing? NU: Maybe. Long story, I learned to never say you have an answer, because… Let’s just say I didn’t get an A in Math Class that day :s PG: Well this has nothing to do with math, but I do want to ask you… Sam was your friend yes? NU: He was, and is… Like all friends, we’ve had rough patches. PG: Dahling, how many of your “rough patches” were caused by Hputerpop? Like trying to get you fired from TIB? Like saying you’ve done things you didn’t do, and Sam believing him?  NU: Look PG.. You’re my friend too. Sam tries to be fair to me most of the time, and even talked to Fishy about lowering my ban from the unfair one’s I received from HP. Sometimes Sam makes mistakes, we all do, but he does try to make up for it in the end. 

I think that’s all. As for the title, thank you NU -_- I’m sorry Sam, and Grumpy Snowball, for posting your IP addresses, but as I’ve stated, it was just for the point, not to cause trouble. I mean after all the haters hating for the early posts of this blog, you’ve seen I try to use it just for good.

~~ PoptropicaGossip  ~ Haters Gonna Hate ~

BTW: Sam and Grumpy Snowball, you can all be dahlings again 😉 Sorry.

Hate Blog Creator, YOU decide

Hello Dahlings, I just wanted to make a post letting you know that there may be a solution to the NU_Hater Blog-Creator Question.

A lot of people are believing HPuterpop that Nameless Undefined is NU_Hater, and is doing it for “Attention and Advertisements”. Some believe Nameless saying it’s her sister. I’m neutral. See, I believe Nameless’ sister made it, because she in-fact didn’t know about it for 2 days from the first post, until a friend told her about it online.

HP began posting my IP all over YouTube and PHC… I wanted him to remove it so I didn’t get hacked. I emailed Juyo saying he was taking it too far, and that I could get hacked due to his actions, then he removed it. *shrug* I dunno really. People who said they were my friends stopped being them because they believed HP… But, some who believe me, think that HP has taken it too far as well.

(Thanks for the quote Nameless dahling) Then, I began going through comments, just trying to mod some, get some spam out of the way, and something caught my eyeliner.

Do you know PHB Author SamWow5 / Tough Icicle? Know his not-famous-at-all-hidden-in-the-light-brother Grumpy Snowball? Now, Hputerpop’s reason for saying Nameless is lying about being NU_Hater is her IP being the same as her sister’s, but, has anyone ever denied that TI and GS were the same person?

I EDITED OUT THE IP PHOTO ~ SamWow5 had better comment their IP’s are the same, picture or not because I can re-add it dahlings!

I asked Nameless about the IP stuff, and here’s what she said:

My IP is the same as my sister’s, because I use a Wifi Network. It changes occasionally, depending on my phone being on 3G or Wifi, or if there is an IP Conflict, it resets. HP is taking it too far. The blog isn’t about him, it’s about me. I can handle it myself, he doesn’t have to be so accusing. It’s not like I said he made it *Shrug* If he doesn’t like the blog, no one is making him view it. It’s not his place to keep telling people about it, when he doesn’t want it to be such a big deal, and since he does that? It’s seeming kinda stupid.

So now you get to decide. Vote in the poll below:

~~PoptropicaGossip ~ Give me Eyeliner, or give me Gossip! ~

I’m not saying Sam is his brother, I’m saying, why can people say Nameless is just pretending to have a sister (Which has shown up on the phc before, though is being accused of just miraculously coming up with one when this incident occurred) because they have the same IP, but not Sam and GC? Pixel said he “Heard GS in the background once” well he was in an Audio Chat of Tinychat with Nameless and her sister and heard them both at the same time once, so how is it any different? 

and this was Namey’s reply

HP Demote Jottit

Well, Nameless Dahling I know you have been trying to keep my cover, but it’s okay, I may as well tell the truth. I didn’t make this blog to lie, after all.

Some people, Pixel, Hputerpop, SamWow5, Slanted Fish (Just what I’ve seen), have said that Nameless made the Hputerpop demote page on Jottit. She didn’t. I did.

See, Nameless and I are constantly emailing (Except for the past few days 😦 Email me), and she’s always saying, and showing me, how Hp has been abusing his power. So I made the Jottit. And I swear on my blog, everything on that page is true. It’s password protected to Edit, and not even Nameless has the password. So here is what I put on it, if you have yet to see it, and as I said, everything on there is true.

HPuterpop should be demoted on the Poptropica Help Chat. Moderators are supposed to be kind, whether the person they are “Dealing with” is or isn’t.

Chatter Nameless UnDEFiNed (Abbreviated ‘NU’), was banned for a month, with reasons like telling Chat Staff to “Go to Hell” but, HPuterpop has said the same thing to MULTIPLE CHAT MEMBERS.

Something wrong with this picture? I’m just pointing it out because this guy has a really big problem with NU, and takes it out on her on the chat, ABUSING his power, KICKING AND BANNING FOR NO REASON. And I know that the Chat Main Owner, Fishy, just tosses these complaints aside, seeing as how they come from NU and Blake. Or at least, all the time.

If the PHC (Poptropica Help Chat) people, who seem interested in making sure NU gets banned (for things that she didn’t even do ON the PHC), can make a page like this pointing out all of her faults, surely, I can too.

If you are wondering, yes, HP has repeatedly had issues with NU. How many complaints about her come from HP (HPuterpop), Pixel (chat owner), and Tough Icicle (TI, Owner) alone? You’d be surprised… Seeing as how these complaints are used against NU on multiple occasions, and also, out of context nonetheless, I myself, could cause more trouble for HPuterpop if I posted things out of contest as well. But I’ll be fair.

HPuterpop has shown abuse of his powers time and time again. Even other Chat Staff have witnessed this ongoing action. HPuterpop has repeatedly kicked Chatting Members whilst they broke no rules. Such as kicking a Member for saying the word “Freaking,” and calling it “Suggestive Profanity”. While it was not suggestive profanity, unless used out of context for the kick, which it was. I believe the way the word “Freaking” was used was in a sentence such as “I’m freaking out!” not “Freaking idiot”. Was there a real reason for a kick there?

Or kicking someone for their name, being playful. Time and time again. HPuterpop has abused his Rank on the Chat Group for banning as well. He banned someone based on his thoughts of them, thinking they were lying about being someone else. Banning for personal feelings is against the rules and “May result in being demoted”.

It seems like the chat Owners are playing favorites, demoting someone for banning with a real reason for the ban they enforced, but letting someone ban with NO real reason, over and over with no demotion.

Whether HPuterpop is a Poptropica Help Blog (PHB) author or not, he shouldn’t be allowed to carry on with behavior like this with no punishment. That is the reason for this page whether the PHC Authority finds it rude, immature, or plain old stupid.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you understand, unlike some people.

And thank you Nameless Dahling, now some people can understand my writing. I hate it though. -_- Email me. Now.

~~PoptropicaGossip ~ Gretch, get over it, “fetch” will never be fetch ~

The Hacker

There’s been a rumor going around about a hacker. Someone has stolen a lot of accounts, and they were all rare. But, someone told us who hacked ONE account, and it was not rare at all (No offense Nameless Dahling).

Listen to this. Anyone who knows Nameless, knows about her account, ross1dog, which was made by her… Late friend, Ross, who passed in 2008. This is the last account she has, that he made, so it is special to her, hence why she tells everyone about her passed best friend…

This account was stolen. Nameless retrieved it a few days later, and the morning she retrieved it, it was stolen AGAIN. Before you start going on about her password was too easy, it wasn’t… Who would guess


? Not me. Well, it was later discovered, during a Private Chat on the PHC, that HPuterpop had logged into the account that morning, and changed the password, during a video call with Pixelzy. And Pixel even said so. But, he would probably deny that too, seeing that in our Offline-Over-The-Phone conversations, Nameless told me Pixel denies a lot of things he’s said. I won’t go into details…

Who could this hacker be? Could HPuterpop be one of them? Don’t know, don’t care. You guys should also see the Jottit page I made! Go HERE. It’s about HPuterpop’s behavior on the PHC.

And one more thing, I always need a good photo in my posts

Hate Blog Discovered

So, everyone here thought we were a PHB Hate Blog, but we aren’t. We simply want people to know about the things that happen on the blogs, and PHB just so happens to be filled what MARVELOUS Drama!

But there’s new news, and it’s about Nameless UnDEFiNed. If you remember, she used to work here, but she thought I was saying too many mean things and I fired her. On the bright side, we’re friends again, and keeping the blog separate.

Someone made a HATE BLOG. And it has WAY more hate than we do

He’s so fat…

So, look at the HATE BLOG HERE, and let me know if you join or not. The blog is actually very thought out… I mean, it’s horrible …

In other news ABOUT the hate blog, when NU found out, and told Frenemy Tough Icicle (A PHB Author, with 2 sides, and both are dark) about it, and playfully asked if he was going to join. And he answered “Um… Maybe…”. Wow, great friend. Nameless Dahling, move on.

But who is behind this blog? They go by NU_Hater, and have made contact themselves.

But think… Who hates NU enough to start this? And are they the same person who has stolen so many of her accounts too? You can be a private source, or a public one of course 😛 Just use the form below to email any information, no email needed.

~ Poptropica Gossip ~ The Head Of Poptropica Blogging News ~