Yeah I’m leaving the blog. Whatever, just not much for me to post, and not much that I WANT to post. I’m happily busy with Super Thunder’s Blog and Icy Comet’s Blog, so thanks PG for the Editorialship, but goodbye.

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So yeah

Hey guys, so PG’s computer is broken, which is the reason that I had made that last post. Don’t start thinking I’m her, believe me O_O that would be scary. So, yeah. Sorry for the confusion. I’ll be putting together the posts with the things she collects until her comp gets fixed.

~~Nameless UnDEFiNed

Three Words

So, yeah. Some of you may have gotten an email from me, some of you may have been offended by it, and some of you might find it inappropriate due to the SUBJECT of the blog (Poptropica-ness). But either way, I sent it, I said it, and I’m posting it.

There’s this movie, and I watched it earlier with this sweet woman who I love to call my friend, and hopefully will soon be an adopted Grandmother. It was a good movie, and overall it gave an important message to those Religious, and even Non-Religious.

You probably just voted one star on this post if you are non-religious or if you find this stupid. Well, that’s because you haven’t heard me out.

I’ve never done Chain Emails before, at least not until today. Explanation? Sure.

At the end of the movie, it says to text the three worded message to your contacts. Everyone knows someone. So at the end of the movie, my sweet soon-to-be adopted grandmother pulled out her cell phone and began texting people those three words. So I did the same ~Shrug~


Then I decided to go further. I mean come on, do you KNOW how many people I email on a regular basis? Believe me, I’m too lazy to count that high. Then again, I’m lazy, so let’s just say too many for the patient Poptropicans to count c: ANYWAYS, I decided to do my first ever Chain Email. And I think it progressed a lot.

So I want to ask you something. I understand, that not everyone has an email, which is why I wanted to post this. Like I said, some of you might be against this, but I could care a little less. It’s my Faith, it’s my life, and this… This sort of post is my Battle Cry.

So I want you to keep those 3 little words in mind. Whether you believe them or not, someone might need to hear those words. So keep them in mind. Write them down on an index card, fold it in half, and leave it somewhere random for them to find. But write this down, make a little note. It’s just to remind you, in case you didn’t know. Because my Lord loves you, and I’m telling you so.


Post Removal

Hey guys… So, I convinced PG to let me take down the post regarding Gentle Spinner and Pixelzy, seeing as how Pixel was kind enough to simply ask. PG let me log into her account, since she “Couldn’t bare to take it down” herself 😛 I was demoted to just an Author, so for your Moderating Comments, they will have to wait a tiny bit 😉

Just because Pixel kindly asked for the post to be removed, doesn’t mean we’ll do that for everyone. This post was a special case, for personal reasons of his, which I think I know.

As for Sam and his brothers’ IP addresses, I removed them in the time I was in PG’s account. Sam, thank you for coming to a calm manner and asking or whatever 😛

~~Nameless UnDEFiNed ~ Demoted  ~

PS: I’ll be honest right here 😛 If you want PG to change, you shouldn’t yell at her. We’re very similar, and that’s not the way to get through. Asking won’t always work, but yelling never will.

PHC Poll

Remember that poll? From a while back, in the PHC interview 2… Well, the Authority Ranks have been updated since, and  now Pixel is an Owner, Luke doesn’t work there anymore as a Mod, nor an Owner, also, HPuterpop is a moderator… If I didn’t have him in the poll. Anyways, there will be a new poll soon, but we here are PMZ are a little busy, so I’ll ask someone to make it soon 😉