Why HPuterpop Should Be Demoted

Hello Dahlings, just thought I would make a post while I’m listening to some AMAZING Gaga Hits 😀 So, I thought I would post about HPuterpop, and why he should be demoted on the Poptropica Help Chat.

Now, some of you may have already seen my jottit page regarding this… Problem. But, I thought to put why Fishstick should AGREE to his, suggested, demotion.

Click to see the whole thing Dahlings.

Hon’s this is a photo, with some little points made by Moi, of Fishstick’s OWN rule on the Poptropica Help Chat, which seems to be talking to the Authority, for the most part. But let’s see, I put marks for everything in this, that HPuterpop has done wrong. He has gone unpunished. Oh, and did I mention… NU was banned (I’m just saying a part of it was) for saying Go To Hell (even off of her chat) and “Cussing at PHC Staff”. HPuterpop has informed, whether she was on her own chat, or even GOOGLE, or not, she cussed at one, which is enough reason to be banned on the PHC?

HP cussed at a PHC Staff member on Google, and to various Chat Members on the PHC. But? Nothing. Why’s that? According to him, he can make the rules, so posting a PC (Even though it is stated by other mods, and an owner, that it is not doing any harm, or rulebreaking, OR kickworthy!), is now breaking one? Watch out.

After HPuterpop “Made this a rule”, he left, and then Blake posted a picture of his and Nameless’ PC. It was about Hot Dogs. No one bothered them.

That night, HP made a pretty big fuss. Here are some photos:

Send Fishy 1 Send Fishy 2 Send Fishy 3 Send Fishy 4 Send Fishy 5upload 1 Upload 2 Upload 3 Upload 4 Upload 5Upload 15Upload 18UPload 17

HPuterpop, I have to disagree with Gretchen here. Not fetch.


~~Poptropica Gossip ~ Comment If You Think He Has Been Unfair ~


4 thoughts on “Why HPuterpop Should Be Demoted

  1. You do realize I wasn’t blaming her, right? I said “Admit it,” and then I said “It would be better to lie, then, as in saying you did it.” I was trying to help her reputation because being portrayed as lying is worse than being portrayed as telling the truth in a bad situation. Oh, and I told him what she told me to tell him, too.

    PG: I didn’t say you blamed her at all did i? wolfy dahling, you were telling her to so you could be right about her lying about the artwork? I didn’t say that either. I simply put the pictures. Hon’ if you think I said any of that, you might want to read again. That doesn’t help her reputation, it makes her look like a bigger liar. You all have been quite rude to Nameless before, but have I included all of that? No. She asks me not to whenever I find something scandalous to post, so I don’t (Most of the time at least 😉 ). But by all means, if you want me to SAY that you “Were blaming her”, I will. K Hon’?

    PG Again: And Dahling, I didn’t say you didn’t tell him what she asked you to either. Please read more thoroughly before you comment, (making it seem like you’re) thinking I said something I didn’t say at all. Thank you dahling.

  2. I think that it is just some omegle poptropica chat thing. Don’t get round up about it.

    PG: Oh this spreads out much further than the Chat, so please don’t make a fuss 😉 I know Nameless dahling always says it but I seem to agree that I don’t like being told what to do. So hon’ please keep your thoughts of my work to yourself 😉 I myself think it’s much more, seeing the emails, and the messages, and the things that happen on Google. Much more than some Poptropica Chat Thing don’t you think?

  3. Wow, I don’t know about you guys, but to me, HP should be demoted, I don’t care if he see’s this message. How did he earn mod in the first place?
    Plus, he didn’t make the rules, Fishy did. If HP ever kicks, or bans me for what he did to NU, I’m reporting him to Fishy, once and for all!

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