Post Removal

Hey guys… So, I convinced PG to let me take down the post regarding Gentle Spinner and Pixelzy, seeing as how Pixel was kind enough to simply ask. PG let me log into her account, since she “Couldn’t bare to take it down” herself 😛 I was demoted to just an Author, so for your Moderating Comments, they will have to wait a tiny bit 😉

Just because Pixel kindly asked for the post to be removed, doesn’t mean we’ll do that for everyone. This post was a special case, for personal reasons of his, which I think I know.

As for Sam and his brothers’ IP addresses, I removed them in the time I was in PG’s account. Sam, thank you for coming to a calm manner and asking or whatever 😛

~~Nameless UnDEFiNed ~ Demoted  ~

PS: I’ll be honest right here 😛 If you want PG to change, you shouldn’t yell at her. We’re very similar, and that’s not the way to get through. Asking won’t always work, but yelling never will.


17 thoughts on “Post Removal

    • Well a lot of the time it’s because I help her with posts an stuff (I make her wait to post them and all so I can fix most of her grammar), and because she doesn’t get on Xat anymore so I’m really one of the only Pop-People she talks to. I think that’s why, but you’d have to ask her.

      ~~Sent from my iPhone c:


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