Apologies and Reasons

Dahlings and not-dahlings, I would never make a post like this, but, since Nameless asked, and SamWow5 / Tough Icicle apologized to her, I will.

I honest to Gossip am sorry that I brought your brother and you into this. I wasn’t doing it just because of you 2. I was doing it because of HPuterpop, Pixel, Juyo, and the others that continue to insist that my friend is NU_Hater. You were an example I could find.

Sam and his brother,with the same IP = Wow, Sam has a blogging brother

Nameless and her sister,with the same IP = Nameless is NU_Hater she just made up her sister that people have heard of, and have heard in Tinychat’s and YouTube Livestreams.

Hopefully you can see my point by now dahling, I’m getting very bored apologizing. 🙄

The point, which I’m sure Nameless tried to explain before without getting interrupted ( http://prntscr.com/3lir0i ), of my post was you and your brother have the same IP’s but Hputerpop never made a YouTube video showing your IP address because he believes you have a brother. Nameless has talked about her 4 siblings repeatedly, and Hputerpop has even seen what the one sibling, NU_Hater, looks like.

So why has he said she just came up with one “Just when you need one”? Why did he feel the need to take a YouTube video of her own IP address and put it PUBLICLY on YouTube and the PHC? Because he didn’t believe her.

Pixel said her sister must have made the blog, because she bullied her. So she made a post to her not-popular blog, Rejection Squad. Pixel has said he tries to be nice “Unlike HP or Sam”, but does he really? Because he was right along with Hputerpop in this “Nameless is her sister” thing.

The point of my post, that may have caused some trouble with SamWow5 and Grumpy Snowball, was the IP’s. Slanted Fish (Poptropica Help Blog creator) gave the reason of “Proof” that it wasn’t her sister and that Nameless made NU_Haters, was because of the IP. Is she saying that Sam made his brothers blog, and his WordPress and just made it up? No, of course not. We know Sam’s brother is real, and they have the same IP address because they are on the same IP Network. Same as Nameless and her sister, but there is reason to doubt her, where? IDK, I think Hpooterpop could answer that for us in the comments? I think it would be more than enough seeing as how he’s gone too far in a lot of eyes.

Here’s a quote from Nameless, so Hputerpop can deny it all in the comments how she’s lying and making it up. The usual statement from him.

HP has said he hated me before… He has said it, and he’s said the reason why: “Kicking” him from my blog. PG: Did you kick him? NU: No… I had demoted him, which I did tell him would be for about 2 weeks or so for the rulebreaking. He threw a fit, and said things that needn’t be said. So after a while of it, I fired him. PG: What kind of rules did he break to deserve this? NU: Well he became an Editor after doing a special art project for me. One of the rules that has always been made clear to my Editors: don’t edit without permission. HPuterpop broke that repeatedly, after being warned to stop… Not only that rule, but that was a main issue. He got quite… Hostile? From the demotion, demanding he should be “Let off” because he posted more and was the “best author”. I didn’t even let my Co-Owners do that kinda stuff unless it was just grammar (Which I did state in the rules and to the editors, grammar was okay, but changing the work, which he did, was not). He let his Computer Skills go to his head… And that’s what made him like this. PG: Can you tell me one more thing? NU: Maybe. Long story, I learned to never say you have an answer, because… Let’s just say I didn’t get an A in Math Class that day :s PG: Well this has nothing to do with math, but I do want to ask you… Sam was your friend yes? NU: He was, and is… Like all friends, we’ve had rough patches. PG: Dahling, how many of your “rough patches” were caused by Hputerpop? Like trying to get you fired from TIB? Like saying you’ve done things you didn’t do, and Sam believing him?  NU: Look PG.. You’re my friend too. Sam tries to be fair to me most of the time, and even talked to Fishy about lowering my ban from the unfair one’s I received from HP. Sometimes Sam makes mistakes, we all do, but he does try to make up for it in the end. 

I think that’s all. As for the title, thank you NU -_- I’m sorry Sam, and Grumpy Snowball, for posting your IP addresses, but as I’ve stated, it was just for the point, not to cause trouble. I mean after all the haters hating for the early posts of this blog, you’ve seen I try to use it just for good.

~~ PoptropicaGossip  ~ Haters Gonna Hate ~

BTW: Sam and Grumpy Snowball, you can all be dahlings again 😉 Sorry.


2 thoughts on “Apologies and Reasons

  1. Thanks or the apology, but can u plz take down the pic of my IP on the other post -_- LOL

    PG: Sorry dahling, not yet. Make sure your friend Hputerpop has seen it first plz 😉 Thanks hon

    • HP has seen it. He was the one that told me about the post. So plz take down the IP….

      PG: Dahling, how am I supposed to know you aren’t being desperate to get your IP down? He can comment himself. But I will just make the point if you will put in another comment that your IPs are the same, even though I have edited them out, alright?

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