The Hacker

There’s been a rumor going around about a hacker. Someone has stolen a lot of accounts, and they were all rare. But, someone told us who hacked ONE account, and it was not rare at all (No offense Nameless Dahling).

Listen to this. Anyone who knows Nameless, knows about her account, ross1dog, which was made by her… Late friend, Ross, who passed in 2008. This is the last account she has, that he made, so it is special to her, hence why she tells everyone about her passed best friend…

This account was stolen. Nameless retrieved it a few days later, and the morning she retrieved it, it was stolen AGAIN. Before you start going on about her password was too easy, it wasn’t… Who would guess


? Not me. Well, it was later discovered, during a Private Chat on the PHC, that HPuterpop had logged into the account that morning, and changed the password, during a video call with Pixelzy. And Pixel even said so. But, he would probably deny that too, seeing that in our Offline-Over-The-Phone conversations, Nameless told me Pixel denies a lot of things he’s said. I won’t go into details…

Who could this hacker be? Could HPuterpop be one of them? Don’t know, don’t care. You guys should also see the Jottit page I made! Go HERE. It’s about HPuterpop’s behavior on the PHC.

And one more thing, I always need a good photo in my posts


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