HP Demote Jottit

Well, Nameless Dahling I know you have been trying to keep my cover, but it’s okay, I may as well tell the truth. I didn’t make this blog to lie, after all.

Some people, Pixel, Hputerpop, SamWow5, Slanted Fish (Just what I’ve seen), have said that Nameless made the Hputerpop demote page on Jottit. She didn’t. I did.

See, Nameless and I are constantly emailing (Except for the past few days ūüė¶ Email me), and she’s always saying, and showing me, how Hp has been abusing his power. So I made the Jottit. And I swear on my blog, everything on that page is true. It’s password protected to Edit, and not even Nameless has the password. So here is what I put on it, if you have yet to see it, and as I said, everything on there is true.

HPuterpop should be demoted on the Poptropica Help Chat. Moderators are supposed to be kind, whether the person they are “Dealing with” is or isn’t.

Chatter Nameless UnDEFiNed (Abbreviated ‘NU’), was banned for a month, with reasons like telling Chat Staff to “Go to Hell” but, HPuterpop has said the same thing to MULTIPLE CHAT MEMBERS.

Something wrong with this picture? I’m just pointing it out because this guy has a really big problem with NU, and takes it out on her on the chat, ABUSING his power, KICKING AND BANNING FOR NO REASON. And I know that the Chat Main Owner, Fishy, just tosses these complaints aside, seeing as how they come from NU and Blake. Or at least, all the time.

If the PHC (Poptropica Help Chat) people, who seem interested in making sure NU gets banned (for things that she didn’t even do ON the PHC), can make a page like this pointing out all of her faults, surely, I can too.

If you are wondering, yes, HP has repeatedly had issues with NU. How many complaints about her come from HP (HPuterpop), Pixel (chat owner), and Tough Icicle (TI, Owner) alone? You’d be surprised… Seeing as how these complaints are used against NU on multiple occasions, and also, out of context nonetheless, I myself, could cause more trouble for HPuterpop if I posted things out of contest as well. But I’ll be fair.

HPuterpop has shown abuse of his powers time and time again. Even other Chat Staff have witnessed this ongoing action. HPuterpop has repeatedly kicked Chatting Members whilst they broke no rules. Such as kicking a Member for saying the word “Freaking,” and calling it “Suggestive Profanity”. While it was not suggestive profanity, unless used out of context for the kick, which it was. I believe the way the word “Freaking” was used was in a sentence such as “I’m freaking out!” not “Freaking idiot”. Was there a real reason for a kick there?

Or kicking someone for their name, being playful. Time and time again. HPuterpop has abused his Rank on the Chat Group for banning as well. He banned someone based on his thoughts of them, thinking they were lying about being someone else. Banning for personal feelings is against the rules and “May result in being demoted”.

It seems like the chat Owners are playing favorites, demoting someone for banning with a real reason for the ban they enforced, but letting someone ban with NO real reason, over and over with no demotion.

Whether HPuterpop is a Poptropica Help Blog (PHB) author or not, he shouldn’t be allowed to carry on with behavior like this with no punishment. That is the reason for this page whether the PHC Authority finds it rude, immature, or plain old stupid.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you understand, unlike some people.

And thank you Nameless Dahling, now some people can understand my writing. I hate it though. -_- Email me. Now.

~~PoptropicaGossip ~ Gretch, get over it, “fetch” will never be fetch ~


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