Hate Blog Creator, YOU decide

Hello Dahlings, I just wanted to make a post letting you know that there may be a solution to the NU_Hater Blog-Creator Question.

A lot of people are believing HPuterpop that Nameless Undefined is NU_Hater, and is doing it for “Attention and Advertisements”. Some believe Nameless saying it’s her sister. I’m neutral. See, I believe Nameless’ sister made it, because she in-fact didn’t know about it for 2 days from the first post, until a friend told her about it online.

HP began posting my IP all over YouTube and PHC… I wanted him to remove it so I didn’t get hacked. I emailed Juyo saying he was taking it too far, and that I could get hacked due to his actions, then he removed it. *shrug* I dunno really. People who said they were my friends stopped being them because they believed HP… But, some who believe me, think that HP has taken it too far as well.

(Thanks for the quote Nameless dahling) Then, I began going through comments, just trying to mod some, get some spam out of the way, and something caught my eyeliner.

Do you know PHB Author SamWow5 / Tough Icicle? Know his not-famous-at-all-hidden-in-the-light-brother Grumpy Snowball? Now, Hputerpop’s reason for saying Nameless is lying about being NU_Hater is her IP being the same as her sister’s, but, has anyone ever denied that TI and GS were the same person?

I EDITED OUT THE IP PHOTO ~ SamWow5 had better comment their IP’s are the same, picture or not because I can re-add it dahlings!

I asked Nameless about the IP stuff, and here’s what she said:

My IP is the same as my sister’s, because I use a Wifi Network. It changes occasionally, depending on my phone being on 3G or Wifi, or if there is an IP Conflict, it resets. HP is taking it too far. The blog isn’t about him, it’s about me. I can handle it myself, he doesn’t have to be so accusing. It’s not like I said he made it *Shrug* If he doesn’t like the blog, no one is making him view it. It’s not his place to keep telling people about it, when he doesn’t want it to be such a big deal, and since he does that? It’s seeming kinda stupid.

So now you get to decide. Vote in the poll below:

~~PoptropicaGossip ~ Give me Eyeliner, or give me Gossip! ~

I’m not saying Sam is his brother, I’m saying, why can people say Nameless is just pretending to have a sister (Which has shown up on the phc before, though is being accused of just miraculously coming up with one when this incident occurred) because they have the same IP, but not Sam and GC? Pixel said he “Heard GS in the background once” well he was in an Audio Chat of Tinychat with Nameless and her sister and heard them both at the same time once, so how is it any different? 

and this was Namey’s reply


7 thoughts on “Hate Blog Creator, YOU decide

    • @Tough Star how do you even know

      PG: Dahling, on WordPress you can search an IP in the comments and find anyone who’s ever commented. 😉 Stay safe

  1. Leave my brother out of this, this is a bunch of dumb stuff, NU even said it was her sister which I believe. Also, TAKE DOWN MY IP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PG: My dahling Nameless said she asked you if you understand the reason I posted this. She said you didn’t really, so I may as well explain it all at once so you can read it a couple of time and get the idea, okay? I am sorry for involving your brother and you in this, but I did it for the point. As Nameless said, it wasn’t to jab at you or anything like that, it was for the point…

    • I’ll email her, she doesn’t check her WordPress email.

      I was talking to her earlier, and she said she was just making the post to make a point *shrug* she isn’t meaning to cause any trouble, but I do, in some parts, agree with her. I don’t think she had to post your IP’s or emails, but she does have a point… As I said, at some parts.

  2. The IP’s are the same, u commented like I said, HP is gonna be gone for a while, so can u take down the IP?

    PG: NU removed the pic. You’re lucky dahling, I would’ve left it there. Thank you for being, for the most part of it, nice 😉

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