Hey, I know that you guys don’t like us doing ACTUAL stories, and you prefer the Interviews, which we’ll get back to soon… Anyways, this is a review I had to post. It was written by Nameless UnDEFiNed, and I’m glad I read this… Please check out her blogging HERE, I think it deserves better than that other blog… But that’s just my opinion. 

Hey guys I view a lot of Poptropica blogs, and I wanted to warn you to stay away from a certain one.

The PopFlop.

I was the first Author there, and then I was removed for actions not of my own. Then, I rejoined at a later point, and I was accused of something, that I didn’t do, and no one would even listen. I moved on from that, but then, I got really busy, and I couldn’t stay on a lot of the blogs I was on then… So I left.

About a month ago or so, I rejoined, because I finally had the time. Then… Well, I was on their chat, and one of the newer Authors that was getting a lot from the Owners (Even though, I wasn’t getting squat as the first Author, or the most frequent poster, and commenter,)… So I was PCing him, and we were talking about a friend of mine… Um… I don’t want to say everything and cry for the rest of the day… But he was my best friend, and he died……..

Then that new Author, was making fun of it……..  Making rude jokes, and having the nerve to ask for a stupid glitch while I’m talking about him (My best friend<)… So I told the owner that was on at the time… And he wouldn’t do anything, because he believed the new guy, more than me… 

Someone said something, I said something back… And the owner… Said (With grammar edits), “She’s not going to kill herself. Let her, it’s on her hands, I don’t care,”… And he said he was my “friend”. 

I’m just warning you… Don’t go to their chat, and don’t comment… That owner has an Issue with editing comments, and cussing people out… Also, I’m only posting this so people can see that this is what I really commented, because he’ll probably try to edit it.

BTW: HCM, one of the two owners, removed me last night. Guess he didn’t want me posting my goodbyes and telling everyone the truth… Like the first time. (He’s done this before…) Also, Tech, just email me if you see this. 

Wow… So, just so you know, I quoted this from Nameless herself, I swear. You can read the original HERE if you don’t believe me. Also…

I know you guys don’t like me posting things about the other blogs, starting drama… But this is serious. It’s Cyberbullying… And that’s horrible. If you don’t agree with it, then don’t… But I’m still posting this. Nameless is my friend, and what this guy has done to her, not only this time, is just awful… Ask Nameless…

I haven’t been posting anything dramatic lately (Which is killing me btw -_-), and I’m not trying to… But like I said, this needs to be read.

Sorry for not posting lately, I’ll have RB work on some more reviews 😉 Also, thanks for all the views! Please comment and tell us what you would like to see more of.

~~Poptropica Gossip, on PMZ. 

UPDATE: The new Author? He’s commenting! Not here, somewhere else. Anyways, here are the pics, since Nameless decided to post them in case they’re edited, I figured I’d help.

UPDATE: They’ve spammed “Nameless” so none of her comments will moderate! 


2 thoughts on “Review…

  1. … Thank you PG… I need some sleep… I was up until 4 AM, and I’ve been up since 5 AM……

    Thanks… Remember, email me, we need to talk about RB… :c

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