PHC Interview Part1

This is a large series of Posts, where we interview the Chatters of the Poptropica Help Chat. Our next interview is with “Cait”. This Interview was done by assistant, Red Bee. Grammar was edited to make reading easier for you viewers 😉

Red: So, do you come to the chat often?
Cait: Well I try to come on at least once a day.
Red: So, you see a lot of drama on the chat?
Cait: Well, it depends on who’s on. It doesn’t really happen anymore, but for a couple of days there was a lot of fighting.
Red: What kind of fighting?
Cait: They were arguing about whether something happened or not, and why, but I don’t want to go into detail.
Red: Why don’t you?
Cait: A lot of people will get angry, and I don’t want to be on bad terms with anyone.
Red: Which type of Chatters would get angry with you? The Owners and Mods, or the Members and Guests?
Cait: Probably Mods / Owners.
Red: Why would they and not the Members / Guests?
Cait: There are a few reasons. The Owners / Mods made a rule not to talk about it. But I’d probably have mentioned about PG getting cheated, and I can name a few Members / Guests that would agree with me.
Red: So the drama you don’t want to talk about is PG getting unfairly banned?
Cait: That’s what I personally think. I don’t really want to mention anything about what happened.
Red: Okay, you don’t have to. PG and I are trying to get the blog on more “Reasonable” Standards… So, how long have you been coming to the chat?
Cait: About a week or 2.
Red: Wow, most people here have been coming on for months.
Cait: I mean, I got caught up with other sites.
Red: On to the next question… A lot of people on the chat have called PG (Person not site) annoying, and have numerously asked Mods to demote her and kick her (Without reason). Do you feel the same? Or do you know about this?
Red: Hello?
Cait: Hi, sorry. Well I think she shouldn’t have been doing what she did, but we did break the vow first.
Red: The vow… The one where PG agreed to stop posting about the PHB?
Cait: Yeah
Red: So you’re saying that, as someone who was there during the matter, that the Members of the PHC / PHB broke their vow first?
Cait: I don’t really remember what happened, but let’s just say this: If PG didn’t stop posting about The “Scandal” we would ban her, right? And we were talking about it too, we agreed to stop talking about it, both of us. But we banned her after some time.
Red: But she was banned BEFORE posting ANYTHING more about the PHB and supposed “Scandal”?
Cait: Yup. So, I guess after we banned her she started posting about it again…
Red: Thank you for your time Cait, this has been an interesting interview…
Cait: Nah, thank you!
Red: You’ve been a big help. We don’t want to start trouble on PMZ, we just want people to know the truth and stop hating 😉

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