PHC Interview Part 2

This time, Red Bee will be interviewing “Green Fire”. An often Chatter with a new name 😉

PS: Nameless is helping me as a Proofreader, and is only staying for Interviews. If you see her an Author, please ignore, there is a glitch in the system since she was a Former Editor.

Red: So, Green, how long have you been coming on to this chat?
Green: I don’t remember…
Red: About how long would you say though? Months, a year, a week?
Green: Hm… I don’t really know, so I’ll say a year or so.
Red: Okay then, do you come on to this chat often?
Green: Eh, sorta.
Red: Do you see a lot of drama?
Green: No, not a lot.
Red: Well, some other chatters have said there’s been a bit… While you were ON.
Green: Really? Odd.
Red: Odd? Really…
Green: Hm…
Red: So, what can you tell me about this “Revolution” otherwise known as a chatting “Civil War”? I was told it occurred when SamWow5 “Banned” someone after ONE kick?
Green: I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.
Red: Really? You were there… Someone accidentally flooded, and SamWow5 kicked them. Then when the Kicked Chatter asked why they were kicked, SW5 banned them for “Questioning”. Ring a bell?
Green: Nope. Well, I don’t really remember, but it seems distantly familiar.
Red: Well then, moving on. Do you see much inappropriate content going around on this chat?
Green: Some people cuss from time to time, but most of the time they just do it to be annoying. Other than that, nothing.
Red: Well, my internet keeps going out, so we’ll possibly continue this later. Thank you for your time Green Fire.

Now, there is going to be a poll for you guys to decide who should be specially interviewed next, please vote!


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