Some of the comments on the PHB regarding my comment on the Fuzzy and HPuterpop scandal, have infact been calling me a LIAR and that my sources are phony’s! 

Here’s a butthurt comment from FuzzyB, replying to my comment!

Just trying to clear the air!

Sorry if I took your post idea! I was looking through the Daily Pop and then came across these images so I came here and clicked on add a new post and then typed it up. I just looked at the homepage and there was nothing about it. Sorry that I don’t check through every single draft before I make a post.

As to the “rumors” that I stole HPuterpop’s post and that they are “identical,” it looks like someone has received some incorrect information, because not only did I not know that HPuterpop had a draft going, but authors can not view other authors drafts! It is literally impossible for me to copy Hputerpop’s draft because I don’t have the ability to access any other authors drafts! As an author HPuterpop knows that authors can not view another authors post, making it inpossible for them to be identical. Finally as for there apparently being “similar” ideas in HPuterpop’s post as there was in mine, that would be expected if two posts are on the same topic.

To poptropicagossip Who ever your “source” is, I am unaware that any author is able to view any other author’s drafts, so I would be very interested in knowing how this “source” was able to do this. Unless this “source” is Slanted Fish, who is the only one who can view any other author’s drafts, they have lied to you. I seriously doubt that Slanted Fish is your source, as who ever it is that gave you this information was banned on the chat as you can see by the brown icon in the photo you posted here.

I recommend that in the future you try to find a more reliable source then someone who has been banned on the chat.

I eagerly await your apology for spreading false information about me and trying to stir up something,

Well sorry, Mr Fuzzy but YOU should apologise to me!

Here is your proof!


BANG, proof is there.

Anyway, more gossip to come!




  1. Fuzzy B explained what happened and that he COULDN’T view drafts because he’s an author and that authors are unable to view drafts, so BACK OFF. This is nothing but a lie and whoever was your source needs to apologize to Fuzzy B and YOU NEED to, also.

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