After some drama on the PHB chat, they BANNED me for “arguing” with the owners!


Also, Tough Icicle BRIBED me NOT to write anything about him on my blog!

He made me a guest for just linking my blog then he made me a member after.

Wow, some of these people are so cheap.


So get this. I agreed to drop the whole PHB Post thing, if THEY would drop it too. I agreed to it, and so did they. Then, they emailed the picture of my agreement to the owner of PHB, and left out… THEIR’S. A picture that I have.

PR Oath

Other oath


There were a large number of people on the chat, ย plenty who hate this blog for being HONEST. Well let them hate! Haterz gonna hate, but I’m going to appreciate. I have the picture of their Oath, as well as mine. They emailed the owner of the blog to block me from viewing the site, and then an Owner on the Chat, Tough Icicle, banned me forever.

Also, there’s more Poptropica Help Chat Scandal going on, but it’s the Chat STAFF causing the problems. Check back here soon if you want to know what’s REALLY going on.


27 thoughts on “O WOW!

  1. Because you did for lying. Fuzzy told me that he didn’t see HP’s post till AFTER he posted his, and you got what was coming to you.

      • Ha. It is gossip. Your “facts” are easily proven to be wrong, and like I said, you need to DROP IT. PS, this blog is biased. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • um i’ve read your recent blog post and as a frequent reader of it and the PHB i don’t think you should be making a argument about this as it isn’t your concern it’s fuzzys’

      • Hey, I’m Nameless. I just want to say, PR made a deal with some people on the PHB Chat. And then they turned around and emailed fishy her agreement, but not them banning her forever, nor their agreement to drop it. This post is going to be updated, because there’s been some FOUND PROOF that says Fuzzy lied in at least one way. Please read an upcoming post to see what I mean… PR told me all about it. It’s scary.

  2. You know, you might look at some pics I took. I have the agreement pictures right here on my laptop, and when I email them to Fishy, well everything’s going to go bad for your ban ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. What your doing is disgusting, In the meanwhile, you just sit on your butt thinking of ways to mess with people at thephb. People like you disgust the living crap out of me. I don’t understand why people do this sort of thing. You took something so simple made it into a living-hell situation. You’ve screwed up. ~Pixel

  4. Sigh. I’m sick of this, and no, this isn’t the truth. You’ve been causing the trouble while HP and FB resolved this between themselves. Blog about someone else or go back to fashion or something. You are just destroying people’s reputations and no one likes it. Just stop and drop it. And maybe roll in anger LOL last part is a joke but everything else ISN’T.

      • I don’t think you have a clue either. You’re just making a fool of yourself! What you post is not true and when people try to tell you that, your best counter-argument is “Haters gonna hate”.

  5. Um you’re being rude. Gossiping is sick. What has the world come to with this kind of stuff. I see that not only are you gossiping, but you’re jumping to conclusions too. Also, calling people stupid just makes you hateful. So yeah. Nuff said from me.

  6. BACK OFF PG!!!! You wreck havoc everywhere! the chat blog, your blog, and even the PHB blog! Why do you think there is so much negative commotion on YOUR comments page? YOURE A LIAR! A big, biased liar!!!! Back off! And btw, you ARE the only scandal on this page.. Let dem haters hate on you until you stop posting offensive, annoying, and things that are not true… If haters gonna hate, let em hate.

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