Breaking News!

Anyone remembering the PHB Scandals lately? Well I’m going to have to start a page for those soon, because there are MORE. Let me start.

It turns out that, there are more “Sources” that know of the Montrous Daily Pop Scandal, being FAKE. In more ways than one. The new Editor, HPuterpop, has a problem with starting fights, and he’s just picking one. HP didn’t come up with the theories in that post, nor did Fuzzy-B. Haveyou noticed, after all of the HPuterpop Posts, that he doesn’t post much Originality? I mean, he had to go learn from someone else the theories behind the Mocktropica Trash Can Scene, and he also started a “Viewer’s Showcase” which is unoriginal as well.

HPuterpop? More like “HPuterCopyCat”… The Monster Carnival Island Daily Pop post he had in the draft, which other sources have said was Identical to Fuzzy-B’s, is actually inspired by someone else’s. A source has confirmed “This was posted before!” Here’s what the Source had to say…

Have you ever been to the STB? Super Thunder’s Blog. It’s linked on the PHB a few times.  Well, a new Author there “Nameless UnDEFiNed” or “Rough Lion” posts frequently. She even posted about some eyebrow raising Daily Pops.  Check that out HERE, and then look at the theory similarities?  Well the words may be different, but what HP claims is his… Seems to belong to someone else, and it’s NOT Fuzzy-B.

Also, has anyone noticed something? That the art app HP uses, isn’t what he says it is. I have a friend, that is quite close with the “Amazing Artist!”, and says that he told her the REAL Art App he uses to start his Poptropicans. I was given the title, and I looked it up. This “Art App” is really just a circle resizing app. It is shown, and told, that HP uses his “Circle” app, and then he just plugs it up to his Computer, and colors it in.

Wow… I never expected that from the PHB Author / Artist. So, how many other PHB Authors copy? Is HP who HE says he is? (Check out upcoming post for more info on this 😉 ) I think we’ll find out next time on PMZ.


19 thoughts on “Breaking News!

  1. You need to find more reliable sources. HP may have used the circle “resizing” app to fix up mistakes in his drawings, but that’s what digital art is. Also, you need to drop this matter. It’s OVER. Let it go. Also, I bet you stole the whole “News Reporter” idea from ME.

  2. When I do mention someone’s idea, I always give them credit. I use their insight because it will back my theory, etc. I use it because there are other kids who are GENIUS, and I’m not the only one who can put two and two together.

    I don’t like starting fights and when a remark of mine gets blown out of proportion, I apologize for it.

    I didn’t go learn the Mocktropica’s Trash Bin theories from someone else. It is very simple to have the same ideas as someone else. My problem was that, even though FB couldn’t see posts on the insides, he can see the title. And, it was pretty obvious that I was making a Monster Carnival post, what with the name being “Just Another Monster Carnival Post,” But, it is easily overlooked, and I am regretful for saying anything.

    But back to originality: I came up with SUIs, I posted never before seen items. I have hacked Poptropica a “million times”, and have access to all of dem files. I was also curious enough to de-code a binary bard letter in the Trash Bin! I credited Silver Wolf on one thing in the Trash Bin; I did not copy the whole post from someone else.

    My only question to you is, how is the Viewer’s Showcase not original? Because if you can find fault in that, you can find fault in anything.
    Furthermore, If you think my digital art is a phony, then I challenge you to video call me, and I will show you how I draw my Poptropicans via screen share. I don’t use an app, and I don’t use a circle colorer, whatever the crap that is. On Google+ I’m Andrew Wiles, with (HPuterpop) next to my name. This evening, after 6:00 PM, I’ll be on. Let’s do this. Anyone who wants to come, come on! I’ll be hosting a Hangout on Air. I’ll post a link whenever it is on. This is for pure demonstration so I don’t want any shenanigans going on, ya hear? 😉 RSVP me, Poptropica Gossip.


      • Because I’m not on that blog… you didn’t answer my question: are you going to be present at the Hangout on Air?
        And, you can learn about someone’s knowledge via giving credit, because I tell the reader what the person has come up with. They have to have had come up with something good for me to credit them.

    • I don’t think what you’re doing is real hacking. You’re just grabbing files from specific directories of the Poptropica website and those files aren’t sensitive. Real hacking (like cracking someone’s Poptropica account password) would you get you into big trouble with the law and internet providers are monitoring people’s activity and are able to spot any hacking activity. You should read Poptropica’s Term of Use:

  3. Look, it’s none of your business about what HP tells other people. Let alone lies >_> You’re just getting publicity, and I don’t see why everyone hates that, but nonetheless. Get over it. I have a picture of their agreement, so you need to back off, because I have your agreement too.

  4. Look, like Nameless said, it’s none of your business what the PHB tells other people, let alone lying about it. Please, just leave our blog alone and stop being such a nasty little rat… e.e

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